[2020-04-06] Parallelism vs. Concurrency

I noticed developers often confuse both terms, so I thought I'd clarify then and keep as a quick reference for myself.

Parallelism is about doing lot of things at once. This requires CPU has > 1 cores so we can run multiple threads in parallel to speed up our program.

Concurrency is about dealing with lot of things at once. Typically, concurrency is applied when:

  1. we have a shared resource that 2 threads need to access or update
  2. there are multiple threads that need to coordinate

Parallelism and concurrency usually go hand in hand, like in the following scenario:

  • split the sequantial flow into independent components
  • use threads or threadpools to parallelize these components (& thus to speed up)
  • whenever shared resource is to be updated or accessed, or whenever multiple threads want to coordinate with each other, we use concurrency tools to ensure the program runs correctly.
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